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We are the
industry leading
lighting agency

"Studio Lighting" LLC is engaged in the import and sale of modern, high quality Led lighting designs and equipments, as well as offering you rent of a modern LED lights

"Studio Lighting" LLC is the official representative of "Green Bean", "Falcon eyes", "Godox" companies with professional experience in the production of photo and video equipment. "Studio Lighting" LLC is currently closely cooperating with the Public TV Company of Armenia.

We are going to develop the products of our partners in Armenia, also intend to work in neighboring countries (Georgia, Iran).


Why people choose us

Having many years of experience and continuing to explore the world of television and cinema, advertising clips, videos, what is happening outside the camera, Studiolight LLC strives to be a leader in video and photography. Cooperating with the brands Godox, Green Bean, Falcon eyes, Studiolight LLC is trying to solve new problems and offer ideas related to the world of LED lighting equipment.